Trend Events is proudly partnered with Ibercover Studio, which  creates digital immersive experiences through video mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality and AV installations.

Ibercover works with lighting and sound design, with images and technology. Art and science playing together to produce immersive and inspiring, truly unforgettable, experiences.

Ibercover Studio offers a wide range of services

Video mapping is a form of spatial augmented reality in the sense that turns real, palpable, irregularly shaped objects or structures into a display surface for video projection.

VR is a computer generated experience, that takes place in a simulated environment. It shows your products, services and dreams to the world using a high-resolution VR-headset with stereoscopic 3D-vision and binaural audio. With natural movement, truly immersive, that you will feel within the virtual world.

A technology that superimpose a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. Augmented Reality lets you show your products, services and dreams to the world. Using any platform, as AR-headset or mobile computing, we overlay 3D holograms and interact with them, enhancing the real environment. As natural as that.

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